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Madlen Namro was 9 years old when she wrote her first book in which she described her adventures with her dog who was a talking dog. Madlen made her debut in 2007 with a futuristic book titled Komandosi, released by Anagram Publishing House. This book appeared also in 2011 on the US and UK markets, giving her the international writer status. In the meantime, she wrote several stories for children, published in London, and gave all proceeds to the Stickler Syndrome Foundation in the UK. In 2012, the first time she wrote Non-fiction stories titled The Black Pearl. This booklet was published in French, in German, Italian and in English but not in Polish. Madlen also writes screenplays and books for young people. *With her book "All My Favorite Stories" Madlen gets to work with American Publisher Jeff "DJ Gatsby" Wilson & WBMG Publishing. Madlen also works as a journalist for magazines like Mindscape in the UK and websites like Marshall Masters one in the US and also Mediterranean Online in Italy. Since January 2011, she has been a Full Member of the prestigious Women's Writers and Journalists Society in London.


"All Of My Favorite Stories" by Madlen Namro is a delightful collections of children's stories that are sure to entertain and amuse the children in your life who love to read. "All Of My Favorite Stories" by Madlen Namro is the first book in a new series of children's books from this International Bestselling Science Fiction Author. Join Madlen as she tells four fascinating stories and take you on a journey with thru a winter wonderland filled with wonder, amazement & surprise.


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Story Time With Madlen is a wonderful collection of short stories that are simply a delight for Kids & Pre-teens to read. International Bestselling Author Madlen Namro has written 8 stories that will take your kids on the ride of their lives while challenging them to use their imagination with every word they read.