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The WWIAAL Brand was formed in 2013 to help promote writers & introduce readers to the contemporary  African American Authors who are writing books & poetry today, We are able to do this by working closely with our Parent Company The WB Media Group. WB Media Group now Produces "The WWIAAL Blog Talk Radio Show with DJ Gatsby", our TV Show "The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby" as well as managing  The WBMG Publishing Company and over 10 Facebook Pages, 4 Twitter Accounts, a Youtube Channel , 2 Wordpress Blogs and numerous Social Media Platforms.


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WWIAAL Radio Show
The #1 Literary Brand

DJ Gatsby TV​ Show

"WB Media Group has partnered  with Whos Who In African American Literature to provide affordable Advertising, Marketing & Promotional services to Authors. We Specialize in Social Media Marketing, TV Production & Internet Radio Services as well as Book Trailers, Website Design and Hosting. *Email us @ wbmediagroup@yahoo.com or call now @ 914-483-9496 
President / CEO WB Media Group -Jeff "DJ Gatsby" Wilson

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